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At CCHA, we know that money matters. This is why we offer a free money advice service to help you make the most of your finances, whatever your circumstances.

No money matter is too big or too small. We can help with anything from credit card repayments, to difficulties with paying your rent. Contact our Money Support Team for a chat today, or get in touch with your Money Support Officer to find out more.

We can...

We can make sure you are claiming the right benefits, and we can help you make these claims. Did you know that every year, almost £10 billion of benefits go unclaimed in the UK? This means people are eligible for benefits that they are not claiming because they may not know they are entitled to them, or unaware they exist.

Benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are benefits for people with illnesses or disabilities. They involve completing quite a long form, detailing how their disability affects them, and attending a face-to-face assessment. We can provide support with these assessments, and help with appealing decisions. (We’ve taken cases right through to tribunal, providing much needed advice and support for tenants in these difficult situations.)

We can help you with your Universal Credit (UC) claim, too. As you may be aware, UC is replacing 6 different benefits. If you’re not currently claiming UC, we can help prepare you for the change, helping you get online and teaching you skills to manage your online claims.

We can help you with utility comparisons, helping you to switch to cheaper providers. Gas and electric costs can become unmanageable if you’re not on the right tariff. We can also access help for people on low incomes through Welsh Water’s amazing schemes. If you are in arrears with your gas/electric, we can negotiate payment plans and, in some cases, access grant funding to help pay off the arrears.

Do you know what your priority bills are? Rent, Council Tax, Gas, Electric, TV Licence, and Water are the big 6 that need to be paid, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep track of everything. We can go through your household budget with you, seeing if you are paying more than you should, and help you shop for the best deals.

We can apply for Welsh Government’s Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) to help fund essential items, such as beds and cookers, for people on benefits. For people on benefits or low incomes, it can be difficult to manage when essential household items break, or when they move to a new home and can’t furnish their property. For low-income working families, there are charities and grant funding available that we can access to help them through tough periods.

We can help get your debt under control. We know that debt can be very overwhelming, and it’s very easy to try to avoid dealing with debt…but this can make things much worse. We can help negotiate repayment plans, or ask for accounts to be put on hold until you’re in a more financially stable position. For high levels of debt, we have an independent debt advisor that you can see – for free – who helps with high levels of debt and Debt Relief Orders (DRO)

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